A picture says a thousand words and on Instagram, it speaks to millions of followers. Instagram has become the go-to social media hub for everything pertaining to healthy living and fitness. From fitness fanatics and dietitians to wellness experts and part-time foodies, your Instagram feed is full of accounts devoted to everything from making workouts simple to planning probiotic rich meals effortlessly. Get your dose of inspiration from these 11 excellent wellness influencers that will take you one step closer to meeting your health and wellness goals.

Follow These Health and Wellness Instagram Influencers for Inspiration

1. JSHealth - Jessica Sepel

Join the ranks of nearly 240,000 followers who get their health and wellness fix from nutrition expert, Jessica Sepel, author of a number of healthy recipes and creator of an eight-week online program designed to change your life and help you find “freedom with food, weight & body!”. In her posts, Sepel talks about her complex relationship with food and shares tips, tricks, and recipes that helped her transform her life for good. Whether you simply like looking at healthy food plated to perfection or want to take notes for yourself, @jshealth can give you the boost you need.

2. Purely Twins - Lori & Michelle

Twin sisters, Lori and Michelle, show off abs to die for and tell you how you can get there too. Get expert tips on how to exercise smarter, eat mindfully, and bid adieu to your “inner mean girl" by developing body positivity. This duo focuses on your fitness and wellness as well as your spiritual and mental health for developing a well-rounded holistic lifestyle. Co-founders of purelytwins.com, their website also offers home workout routines, lifestyle, skin, and self-love tips, and hundreds of healthy-eating recipes to get you started.

3. ArielleSays - Arielle

With more than 185,000 followers hanging on to every word and image, Instagrammer Arielle Calderon has many people to inspire, and she does so with effortlessly. You might know this New York City resident because of her viral post on Buzzfeed which told readers that you do not have to go on a salads-only diet to lose weight. Her Instagram account builds on and exceeds the expectations set by her post. Learn how Arielle lost 85 pounds without going on any crash diet, while you get your fill of beautiful locales and plates of yummy and colorful food.

4. MeowMeix - Amanda Meixner

Nutrition guru and blogger Amanda Meixner runs an Instagram account full of meal preparation tips and tricks. From recipes to customized meal plans, Meixner gives you the hard facts and tools to actually make meal prep easy and manageable. This account is also a must-follow if you want to know about healthy substitutes, weight-loss swaps, and a low-down on creative yet guilt-free snack options.

5. OhSheGlows - Angela Liddon

Calling all vegans! Mother of two, Angela Liddon has a number of claims to fame; she is a blogger, has written a number of cookbooks, and is a CA WEBBY award nominee to boot. You can also access her excellent content via iOS and Android apps. Once you follow this healthy mama, be prepared to have your feed refreshed with mouthwatering healthy meals that you can whip up at a moment’s notice.

6. HealthyDiva - Katie Gagliano

This family-friendly account is run by Katie Gagliano, mother of four. If you ever find yourself in a fitness rut, this Healthy Diva is out to save you. Get regular fitness updates, style tips, and motivation to lose excess weight and live a healthy life, delivered straight to your Instagram feed.

7. PowerCakes - Kasey Brown

Kasey Brown is a certified personal trainer and best-selling author of BODYpeace. Her blog, powercakes.net, has been voted as one of the Top 10 Inspiring Healthy-Living Bloggers to Follow by SELF Magazine, along with many others on this list. Her Instagram shares clips of healthy recipes and workout videos that will inspire you to up your fitness game and keep you fired till you reach your fitness goals.

8. FitMenCook - Kevin Curry

Health and wellness are #goals for men, too. Kevin Curry’s Instagram account adds generous dollops of healthy recipes, travel goals, and gym workouts to the mix. His meal prep recipes are designed for both men and women who want to be healthy. Just like the meal prep tips, his Instagram account also follows his motto of ‘Never Boring.’

9. GabbyBernstein - Gabrielle Bernstein

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Gabrielle Bernstein is a self-proclaimed ‘Spirit Junkie.’ Her Instagram account has over half a million followers. The feed is full of healthy snack options, motivational quotes that focus on mental health and wellbeing, as well as pictures of her many adventures and workshops. She also offers her manifesting meditations for free.

10. RachlMansfield - Rachel Mansfield

A professional food stylist and recipe developer, Rachel’s Instagram has over 310,000 followers, and one look at her posts will tell you why. Not only are the pictures absolutely scrumptious, but the meals depicted can actually be reproduced with ease. Her cookbook about living a label-less life with healthy and naturally-sourced meals is slated for release in 2020.

11. Yummololaberry - Lola Berry

Based out of the land down under, Lola Berry is an author, nutritionist, and yoga teacher. Share her picture-perfect adventures as she goes traipsing around the beautiful locales of Sydney and Melbourne.

We'll See You on the Gram

Sometimes all you need is a tiny bit of motivation to help jumpstart your quest for fitnesshealth, better self-care, and spiritual wellbeing; these health and wellness Instagram influencers can give you just that and more.

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