Giving your newborn a probiotic not only supports gut health but also promotes an array of other benefits such as acting as a defense against colic as well as boosting your baby's immunity. Here are a few reasons to add a probiotic to your child's diet. LoveBug Probiotics is committed to supporting gut health across generations. Our Tiny Tummies probiotics for babies are uniquely formulated for gentle tummies.

Probiotics For Colic

Colic is the epitome of digestive upset. Colic may last for several hours or several days. Either way, it’s a terrible thing for a mother to have to watch her baby go through; especially since babies with colic are often inconsolable. In Italy, researchers did a series of studies on babies with colic. In the studies, the babies with colic had different microflora than babies without colic. Specifically, newborn babies with colic had fewer numbers of lactobacillus bacteria in their digestive tracts. Moving forward, they also discovered that the babies who had colic were more susceptible to allergies, bronchitis, and conjunctivitis; all common childhood health issues. Probiotics for babies support your baby's microbiome as they grow and help your child maintain a healthy gut.

Added Protection and Immunity

There’s sufficient evidence that shows that beneficial bacteria in the gut give added protection to the immune system. Have you ever noticed that children seem to pick up every tiny sniffle that comes their way? That’s because newborns and children have not yet been exposed to the whole host of microflora that their bodies need to give them immunity to common ailments. Exposure to bacteria helps the body to develop antibodies, which in turn help repel toxins and harmful bacteria. Supplementing your newborn’s diet with probiotics gives them a kind of jump start on creating those antibodies. When you provide probiotics to your newborn in the form of age-appropriate supplements, you increase their immunity response several times over.

Decreased Incidence of Sepsis

Surprisingly, infant mortality from sepsis affects one million newborns each year around the globe. Sepsis is a serious bacterial infection where the immune system no longer fights germs and invasive harmful bacteria. The body literally turns on itself and this leads to tissue damage, organ failure, and subsequent fatality. In a study at the Center for Global Health and Development, researchers conducted studies treating sepsis with probiotics. Infants were given lactobacillus plantarum as well as a specially prepared formulation of an oral symbiotic. Newborns treated with probiotic supplements showed a 40% reduction in fatalities from sepsis. As a happy side effect, the infants also had a reduced number of respiratory tract infections.

Explore Probiotics for Your Baby

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider giving your newborn baby probiotics. From protection against allergies to an enhanced immune system, to protection against common illnesses, probiotics are a smart choice. Speak to your child's pediatrician to determine if probiotics are right for your baby