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Be proactive when it comes to your health. Our Advanced Strength Women's Daily has lactobacillus probiotic strains that are naturally found in the urinary tract, vaginal flora and digestive system. Lactobacilli strains produce lactic acid that help to lower the pH of the vagina to make it acidic and therefore inhospitable to harmful pathogens. Each capsule contains probiotics along with clinically proven Pacran, a clinically studied cranberry fruit extract.


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This proprietary blend of probiotics is designed to support women's health.  It contains Lactobacillus strains that work to produce lactic acid, lowering the pH of the vagina to make it acidic and therefore inhospitable to harmful pathogens. Advanced Strength Daily has probiotic strains that naturally occur in the vaginal tract and digestive tract*.

BRING BACK BALANCE: The struggle with yeast (for women in particular) has led to the formulation of our Advanced Strength Probiotic —the first of its kind, a premium and proprietary formula made with 5 clinically studied strains plus added cranberry fruit extract.*

BE PROACTIVE: With Pacran®, a clinically studied cranberry fruit extract. Cranberry can help reduce the adhesion of certain E. coli bacteria to the urinary tract walls.*

YOUR SECRET WEAPON: Replenishing your probiotic colonies is the secret weapon in supporting the normal growth of yeast. By supporting the balance of your internal flora, you are creating an environment that is more conducive to maintaining digestive, urinary, and vaginal health.*

How to Use

Just take one acid-resistant capsule with a full glass of water first thing in the morning before eating food. It’s as simple as that!

The benefits of probiotics are cumulative, which means they are meant to be consumed daily for optimal digestive, immune, and gut health.

Features & Benefits

Icon BALANCES YEAST & BACTERIA Lactobacilli shield the vagina by producing lactic acid, which lowers the pH, making it slightly acidic and inhospitable to pathogens.*
Icon FORMULATED WITH PACRAN® Promotes urinary tract health naturally by making it harder for bad bacteria and yeasts to adhere and works to inhibit E-coli related urinary tract issues.*
Formula Includes
icon PACRAN™


FDA Disclaimer:

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‡ Patented BIO-tract® delivery technology consistently delivers as many as 15 times, or more, the number of live, viable probiotic organisms past simulated stomach acids than (plain/standard) capsules as repeatedly demonstrated through in vitro lab testing. BIO-tract® is a registered trademark of Probi.

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Advanced Strength Women's Daily Probiotic